The Top Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2016

Do you need some inspiration for choosing a bridal gown for an upcoming wedding? If so, it’s worthwhile to check out the top wedding dress trends for spring 2016. Here’s the scoop on all the hottest trends we’ve noticed on the runways, in fashion magazines and at the actual weddings we’ve attended recently:

  1. Tulle is a top choice of materials for bridal dresses and wedding accessories this season. Look for tulle veils and headpieces in addition to bridal gowns that have sheer tulle panels, insets and accents. When incorporated into bridal gowns, the tulle gives the illusion of transparency.
  2. Speaking of panels, transparent panels and lacy panels in other materials are also popular for spring 2016.
  3. Lately there are multiple designers who have chosen to accent their wedding gowns with interesting crystalline beadwork details. Beaded floral motifs are trendy.
  4. Ethereal fabrics are popular for spring 2016 wedding dresses. Look for lightweight fabrications that seem to float and sway with the bride’s every movement.
  5. In years past, the trend was for wedding dresses that were flirtatious rather than overtly provocative. Retailers are now offering sexier and more provocative wedding dress styles for sale for the spring 2016 season. It will be interesting to see whether the buying public is interested in these styles or not. Some of the trendiest of trendsetters are wearing them, but average brides may choose not to adopt them.
  6. The bridal crop top is one example of the provocative styles that are fashionable this season. The downside is that it cannot be worn with a girdle or similar waist-slimming lingerie, so the bride who wants to flaunt this style to best advantage will have to commit to eating well and working out before the big day.
  7. Lingerie looks are popular, with bridal attire and innerwear seeming to merge.
  8. Lace is trendy for both wedding apparel and streetwear this season, but it’s also a timeless classic fabrication to choose for bridal apparel. You cannot go wrong choosing a lace bridal gown for spring 2016.
  9. Fringe is another streetwear trend that’s been popping up in wedding apparel as well.
  10. Deep v necklines are challenging the former top trend, which was strapless wedding gowns.
  11. Floor-length gowns were a top trend in years past, but these days more brides are choosing thigh-high hemlines for their wedding gowns. This is also a popular hemline length for bridesmaid dresses.                                                                                                                                    So there you have our take on the top wedding dress trends for spring 2016. Have you spotted a top trend that we somehow missed? We’d love to know about it. Please be sure to leave us a note in the comments.