The Top 5 Prom Dress Styles of 2016

As the snow starts to melt and the first sign of spring flowers start popping up, we know that prom season is right around the corner. Prom dresses have evolved drastically over the years, but these these popular styles for 2016 should keep you on trend and looking amazing for that special occasion.

1. Crop Top Style

The crop trend has been popping up in all types of fashion this year. Just because a portion of the midriff is exposed, does not mean this look cannot be totally classy. The crop style can be flattering even on curvier builds, so long as the space exposed is not gaping. If you are looking for something current and cutting edge, then the crop top style might be right for you.

2. Illusion Netting

Dresses with illusion netting that almost gives the look of second skin are a major trend this year. They definitely give off the elegant vibe and are typically combined with intricate beadwork around the neckline, which looks regal and classic.

3. Retro Prints

Do not be surprised if you see quite a few retro print prom dresses lining shelves this year with bright colors and floral or polka dot prints. The retro look is very in right now for prom dresses. Bold pops of color and loud prints are part and parcel of this retro vibe. These are great choices for showing off your fun personality.

4. High-Low Hems

This style is especially fashion forward for prom dresses. The best part about the high-low prom dress style is that it is an excellent opportunity to showcase a gorgeous pair of heels and posh pedicure. This trend can also help elongate your legs and add dimension to your look, especially if the fabric and trim work of your dress are less flashy.

5. Lovely Lace

More and more prom dresses are showing up with lace detailing this year. Lace adds a certain vintage charm and elegance to any dress. In many options, lace over nude netting is popular, which creates an alluring, yet sweet look. Lace also allows for memorable hair accessories to complete your sophisticated look.

While you will likely be bombarded with options for prom dress shopping, there are certainly a wide variety of trends to choose from to pick the perfect gown that matches your personality and style. These styles may completely change for next year, but right now, any of these top five styles will keep you on the cutting edge of prom fashion and help you make memories to last a lifetime. Whatever style you choose, make sure in advance that your school does not have any dress code guidelines that could derail your plans for a perfect evening.