The Benefits of Using Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules have an outer coating that contains active ingredients. Also called soft gels, gelatin capsules are made to deliver ingredients in liquid form, so all of the ingredients inside the capsules must be liquid, suspension or paste.

The shell of a typical gelatin capsule is made out of gelatin, which is usually derived from pork or beef. The outer shell is also comprised of glycerin and water.

The plasticizing agent is meant to increase the flexibility and durability of the capsule. When compared with conventional forms of delivery, gelatin capsules have several advantages to offer.

Better Bioavailability

One of the top benefits of using gelatin capsules is increased bioavailability. There are many nutrients that have poor solubility, which means they aren’t absorbed very well by the body.

Gelatin capsules help the body better absorb nutrients that it would normally have trouble absorbing. Manufacturers can use solubilizing or stabilizing to enhance the overall effectiveness of nutrients.

Gel capsules help the body to absorb herbal extracts, carotenoids, coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients that are difficult to absorb. Many nutrients cannot be absorbed by the body when combined with solid materials, and gel capsules make these nutrients available to people who need them.

Easier Digestion

Another benefit of using gelatin capsules is the fact that they’re easily digested. After reaching the stomach, gel capsules dissolve quickly, and it doesn’t take long to deliver the active ingredients.

Gel capsules help to ensure more medicine is absorbed by the body before it passes through the digestive system. A major problem with many medications is waste. It’s quite common for active ingredients to pass through the digestive system and never get absorbed by the body.

Gel capsules help the body absorb more of the active ingredients, so the active ingredients don’t go to waste inside of the digestive system.

Airtight and Hermetically Sealed

It’s useful to know that there are many types of capsules on the market. Not every capsule is made of gelatin. One of the major benefits of using gelatin capsules is the fact that they’re hermetically sealed. This is significant because it makes it much easier to know if the capsules have been tampered with.

If gelatin capsules are punctured, it’s very easy to see the evidence. Since gelatin capsules are also airtight, the active ingredients are protected from oxygen, which is especially importance for compounds that tend to go bad quickly. For example, flaxseed and fish oils are known to quickly spoil when exposed to oxygen.

Opaque gel capsules also protect ingredients from light exposure, which can cause many ingredients to become less potent. When compared with their solid counterparts, gelatin capsules are also much easier to swallow. These are some of the top benefits of using gelatin capsules.