How to Plan for a Spring Move: Step by Step Guidelines

Moving can be an extraordinarily stressful life event, but with planning and preparation, your move can go smoothly, and you will find yourself happily settled in your new home.

Begin by calculating your moving costs. This includes moving supplies, fees to hire movers and insure belongings, professional cleaning fees for your old or new residence, and any installation fees associated with new utility companies. Moving expenses can multiply faster than expected and be a surprise, so it is important to include these in a detailed budget before moving. Once you have completed the budget, you can hire movers to transport your things on the day of your move.

Next you need to change your address with all of your credit cards and other monthly bills. After that, be sure to change your official address information with the Postal Service and establish forwarding services for any stray pieces of mail sent to your old address.

When that is complete, you will need to get packing. Good quality moving boxes can be acquired for free through your local groceries, liquor stores, and hardware stores. Home improvement stores also have moving boxes, tape, and packing paper you will need. As you pack, keep the layout of your new home in mind, and label your boxes for the appropriate room where you will want them unloaded. Begin by packing non-essentials first, and as you near the date of the move, you will need to pack your essentials last. Pack one particular box that you label for the first night and include bedding, a change of clothing, a few towels, and anything you will need the first morning, such as a few dishes and your coffee maker. This will make your first day in the new home more pleasant and less stressful.

After you begin packing your belongings, you will need to call utility companies to transfer your old utilities out of your name and set up your new utilities at your future residence. Be sure that you contact water and electricity companies to have your fundamentals in place when you arrive at the new house.

If you need help preparing your former residence for the new buyers, hire a professional cleaning service to clean it thoroughly before the new owners arrive and help you in the frenzied final days of moving. It is wise to assess the new home as well and determine if it meets your standards or if you need professional help to get it ready for your moving day. With careful planning, you can easily begin your life at your new home with as little stress as possible.