How to Choose the Best Stairlift for Your Home

Around the world, people are getting older. The problem is that many seniors prefer to stay in their home and have a hard time getting the care that they need.

A great solution that gives seniors more independence is a home stair lift. Individuals who need a stair lift the most are people who have mobility issues. For example, a lift is perfect for individuals who have trouble getting to a top floor bathroom or bedroom.

Many seniors are frail but can still walk around. They just need some extra help getting up the stairs, and a stair lift is perfect for this situation.

Lift Types

There are several different types of lifts to choose from. However, the exact design of the stairway is what should be used to determine the best type of lift for a home.

For example, some homes might need a curved stair lift while others can use a straight lift. On a straight stairway, the lift can be installed on the left or right side. A curved stairway will need to be customized.

Due to the level of customization involved, a curved lift could be significantly more expensive than a straight lift. With such a wide range of lifts to choose from, the task of finding the perfect lift might seem difficult. To make the choice easier, there are some factors to consider.

Considerations to Make

When looking for the perfect home lift, it’s important to consider the design. Currently, the top design is one that moves smoothly up and down the stairway using a rail. These lifts usually come with seat belts, footrests and armrests, and the seats might be powered or manual.

The benefit of choosing this design is that it’s easier to customize for wheelchairs than other models. For individuals who suffer from knee problems, a perch lift is an excellent choice. PA stair lifts make it easy for the user to perch or stand while using the lift.

Lift Flexibility

Another consideration is the flexibility of the lift. The best lifts are able to swivel away from the stair crests, so they’re easier to position into the right angle.

Some lifts aren’t capable of rotating correctly, which can make them dangerous. The overall flexibility of the chair on the lift is important, and in most cases, greater flexibility equates to better overall safety.

Picking the Right Model

The physique of the person who’ll be using the lift is also important, and the overall size of the lift is another consideration to make.

All lifts are rated for a certain weight, and it’s important for the lift to leave some space in the stairway. These considerations will make it much easier to choose the stair lift that is perfect for your home.