How to Avoid a Psychic Reading Scam

Ever since prehistoric humans developed a concept of the divine, there have been individuals who claim to have exclusive connections with the spirit world. The unexplored world was a scary place and people sought out fortune tellers to get a glimpse into their futures. Unfortunately, many of these “gifted” people were charlatans and they preyed on the desperate and naive.

Psychic fraud has not changed much over the millennia. Today, millions of victims are duped by people and companies who claim that they can foretell their clients’ future. Instead, the only futures these clients find are drained bank accounts and an overwhelming helplessness. There are several reputable psychics who run legitimate businesses. If you are considering a psychic reading, there are some helpful pointers to avoid getting ripped off at the crystal ball.

Anytime you consider buying a product or service, you probably do some online research. The same is true of consulting a psychic. Do an online search and see if the psychic has a webpage. Most legitimate businesses will list terms and conditions; so read them carefully. There may be some hidden costs and charges to your credit card. Also, check the individual or business out with the Better Business Bureau. Look for any customer complaints or fraud charges.If you actually decide to call or visit a psychic, be aware of any signs of a scam. Some readings are so vague that they could be true for everyone. There are some crooks who will check out their clients on the Internet for information. When the clients arrive for the reading, the bogus psychic “magically” knows things. Be especially suspicious if you are pressured into spending more money. You can wind up in a financial vortex that can have you in bankruptcy.

There are a lot of bogus psychic companies that send out junk mail and spam. They will have mystic-sounding names and will address you as a personal confidant. Be assured that these are form letters and are not likely to be legitimate, says Never give any of your personal or banking information over the phone or via the Internet. These companies prey on people who are curious about their spirituality. If you get these unsolicited letters or emails, just pitch them in the trash can.

Another popular psychic scam is telling clients that they are “hexed”. Of course, only the fake readers have the remedy to lift the spell. Then, they use scare tactics to get the clients to shell out more money for nonsense spells and worthless “protection” charms, notes Pretty soon, these poor people are emotionally attached to the fakes and they are losing a fortune.

When you do your homework and trust your instincts, legitimate psychic readings can be a fun source of entertainment. Just remember that you are ultimately responsible for your future and you should not have to pay for “psychic protection”. Things that are too good to be true usually are. Play it safe and you can avoid psychic scams.