How to Apply For a Prepaid Wireless Refill

Prepaid wireless phones are becoming more popular because many people are now seeing the problems with contract-based services. From inflated service charges to being stuck with a specific phone model for two years, the issues seem unending and the prices are only getting higher. If you’re looking to reduce your costs or bypass a credit check, then a prepaid service is the best way to go. Applying for a wireless refill is easy. The truth is that most providers don’t even require you to fill out an application.

Monthly Service
Most prepaid phone carriers require monthly service agreements where you pay for the whole month of service. The majority of these plans give you unlimited data and other services, but some are limited. Unlike contract-based providers that require a formal application to test your creditworthiness, ability to pay and other factors, you only have to fill out an application with your basic information so that you can create an account with the company. It might seem similar on the surface, but your credit is not being checked and every application goes through as long as you have the money to pay for the service.

You can often do this online with a prepaid provider, or you can go to one of their physical store locations and speak to a representative. This gives you the strength of contract-based service with a much lower bill and the ability to switch carriers whenever you want.

Prepaid Cards
There are also many prepaid phone providers that rely on cards so that you can refill your minutes, text and data. These providers tend to sell phones that are just made for calling and texting with minimal Internet capabilities, but sometimes that’s all you need. These plans are simpler to maintain in some regards because you don’t have to fill out any applications and you only have to pay when you need more minutes. Some phones require additional payment to extend the service date, but this depends on the specific carrier.

In this case, all you have to do is find a retail or digital store that sells the cards and buy one when you need it. The card can be redeemed either online or over the phone. Just be sure that you don’t forget about buying extra minutes because your service will end as soon as they are used up.

Applying for a wireless refill is much easier than filling out an application for a contract-based carrier. You don’t have to worry about your credit being checked or being stuck with a carrier that you are displeased with for two years. This arrangement gives you more power because you can choose when to end the service.