Five Ways to Safeguard Against Pollution in Your Community

Pollution is a very real problem for communities across the country. You do not have to just live with poor water, air and soil quality. You can take action and do something about it. Making a change does require some work although it is worth the effort. Here are five ways to safeguard against pollution in your community.

Organize Carpooling Groups

Automobiles are one of the largest contributors to pollution in your community. If you want to make a difference, then start organizing carpooling groups. Around 10.5 percent of people carpool to work at the moment. Increasing that number in your neighborhood can drastically reduce local air pollution. You can use social media or flyers to start getting people together to carpool. This could potentially take anywhere from four to five cars off the road each day per group.

Plan Regular Cleanup Days

Trash left around your community can be incredibly damaging to the environment. Things like tires, plastic bottles and electronics left on the ground can leach out chemicals that pollute the soil, air and water. A simple way to safeguard your community against this is by planning regular cleanup days. Form groups of people in different areas who will clean just a block or two or take on cleaning a local park. Pick up all of the trash you find. Dispose of it properly. This will protect your neighborhood against pollution.

Help To Plant Trees and Maintain Green Spaces

Work with your community leaders to start planting more trees and maintaining green spaces in the area. Planting and maintaining trees in your community can remove 9 to 13 percent of particulate pollutants in the air. Having patches of healthy grass and plants located around the neighborhood can also work to moderate temperatures, improve air quality and fight water pollution. Volunteer to help take care of various community areas through weeding and cleaning. This will make a noticeable difference when it comes to pollution.

Document and Report Local Polluters

The reality is that some people and businesses in your community might not care about pollution or believe that it is a problem. Those individuals and companies can quickly undo all that you have accomplished. Get outside and be alert about what businesses and individuals are doing. If you see someone pouring pollutants in a stream or dumping waste like tires in a public area, then document the incident and report it to authorities.

Educate Neighbors about Good Environmental Practices

The final way to safeguard against pollution in your neighborhood is by educating neighbors about good environmental practices. You will be most successful if the community is working together to protect the environment. Pass out information about saving energy, conserving water and recycling properly. This can potentially eliminate many sources of pollution in your area over time.