Five Ways Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Injury

Physical therapy has been in existence since the early 1900’s as a method for restoring full functionality to the body after an injury. Today there are many different types of physical therapy so each patient can receive customized treatment.

In this post, learn five key ways that physical therapy can help your injury heal faster.

Ensure Movement is Therapeutic and Constructive
In some ways, physical therapy can offer better healing outcomes than surgery for minor and major injuries. But the key to success lies in the type of movement. It must be the right kind or there is a risk of re-injury.

A physical therapist can teach you movements that actually get you back on the road to health faster by strengthening the surrounding ligaments, tendons and muscles while protecting the injured area as it heals.

Prevent Future Injury
Much of the work being done now in the field of physical therapy is focusing on injury prevention as well as healing. Patients learn how to support their own body in healing faster and can learn techniques to prevent future injuries.

This is done when the physical therapist identifies weaker muscle groups and other physical issues that could lead to a future injury and works with you to strengthen in those areas.

Improve Balance and Posture
Older people in particular can become injured from issues relating to posture and balance. Physical therapy strategies help you to become more centered and balanced whether you are standing, sitting, walking or engaged in athletic activities. As your balance and posture improves, your risk of injury decreases correspondingly.

These are skills you can take with you to guard against future injury as well.

Reduce Your Discomfort, Swelling and Pain
Most injuries come with a fair amount of discomfort, pain and swelling. Because physical therapy can improve blood circulation throughout your whole body system, this brings more blood flow and nutrients to the injured areas and helps you heal faster. Faster healing also reduces the pain that could keep you sidelined for longer.

Increase Your Flexibility and Range of Motion
Whenever there is an injury, it is only natural to try to guard it by reducing movement and use in that area. But what you actually need is to increase your flexibility and your range of motion in that area and the surrounding areas, all of which physical therapy can help with.

By knowing the benefits and uses of physical therapy, you can decide if this is the right treatment approach when you have an injury. By applying physical therapy correctly after you are injured, you will experience less pain and heal faster from your injuries.