Five Important Catering Tips to Consider For Corporate Events

Corporate events and business meetings are excellent opportunities to reward and motivate employees. They also provide perfect opportunities to brainstorm, reveal new campaigns and celebrate milestones. Regardless of the reason, these five catering tips will ensure that your next corporate event is a success.

Plan Alternative Options
A large corporate event may involve hundreds of employees who each have their own dietary preferences. Events that involve employee spouses and children will be even more complicated. It is always important to provide enough variety to satisfy every guest. For example, more and more people are going vegetarian or gluten-free, so there should be appropriate options available. Be sure to prepare special dishes for employees who are allergic to common foods or ingredients. Be sure to provide plenty of drinking options because many guests will probably prefer to avoid alcohol during a business event.

Corporate events may involve a lot of interactive activities, so proper preparation is a must. If there are numerous speakers and presentations, food service must be scheduled around these activities. Having the event’s schedule set will allow the caterer to plan on cooking and service times. Having everything smoothly run on time will result in a successful event. Be sure to stress the importance of catering timetables to speakers and the management personnel overseeing the function.

To Bar or Not to Bar
Depending on the type of business event, an open bar may or may not be a good idea. Any business event that occurs during business time and involves company vehicles should not involve alcohol. If the event is a shareholders meeting or training seminar for new hires, serving alcohol isn’t a good idea. However, if the event involves impressive presentations designed to sway potential business partner, an open bar is a good idea. For most events, set an official ending time so management can allow employees to either return home or stay and enjoy alcohol drinks.

Get a Head Count
Before any catering decisions can be made, there must be a general idea of how many people will probably attend. While the total doesn’t have to be exact, an approximate number is necessary for caterers to properly plan and budget. Suddenly having 20 to 30 people show up may severely disrupt the catering logistics and food availability. Food leftovers can be saved to place in employee lunchrooms or given to employees to take home.

Hire a Caterer
Depending on the budget and business, a catering service may or may not be a good solution. For instance, a business that hosts quarterly events can probably get away with employees and management working together on the event. However, major or formal events will need a professional catering service to impress guests and streamline processes.

Planning any corporate event can stressful, but catering can be better managed through strategic planning, budgeting and staffing.