8 Health Concerns with Leaving Urinary Incontinence Untreated

Urinary incontinence is the complete or partial loss of the ability to hold urine in the body until access to a restroom is available. It is caused by a multitude of health conditions, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and menopause. And although it is a very common condition in people of all ages, many are afraid to go to the doctor for treatment because they are embarrassed by it. But this can lead to the following eight health problems:

1. Sleep Deprivation

It is impossible for a person to get a good night’s rest when they are constantly being woken up by a wet bed and clothing. And even if some pads are put down at night to help absorb the urine, they still have to be changed.

2. Rashes and Skin Ulcers

When the skin is constantly exposed to acidic urine, it will become irritated and raw as it starts to break down, so a rash may develop. Skin ulcers and deep wounds will form if the person is also sedentary.

3. Urinary Tract Infections

When the bacteria that forms in the genitals from the constant flood of urine makes its way back up the urinary tract, an infection will develop. And if someone is already incontinent, they might not even realize that anything is wrong. That means, the infection can end up spreading to other parts of the body.

4. Anxiety and Depression

To avoid the embarrassment of having an accident in public, many incontinent people stop leaving the house. But this isolation leads to depression and anxiety. The stress of the situation is also a contributing factor.

5. Sepsis

If bacteria enter the bloodstream, it can quickly multiply and spread throughout the body, which causes sepsis to develop. Sepsis can damage many of the internal organs. So a person can die from it if they don’t get treatment in time.

6. Kidney Damage

Incontinence is stressful on the kidneys. Over time, they become exhausted from the constant work of clearing out urine from the body. And unfortunately, the damage to them can end up being permanent.

7. Nerve Damage in the Bladder

Incontinence that is caused by certain diseases can make the nerves of the body more susceptible to damage, which can’t be easily corrected.

8. Yeast Infections

The acid in urine affects the pH levels of the skin, so a person can get more internal and external yeast infections.