7 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean After Getting it Detailed

Remember when you first drove off the lot in your new car? The shiny buttons, the clean seats, that new car smell? Detailing your car can help bring back that new car feeling and make you fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

Now for the real trick – keeping it clean.

7 Tips to Keeping Your Car Clean

Keep the Clutter Out

Keep a small kitchen-sized trash bag or grocery bag in your car for a convenient place to stash trash. Then, and most importantly, empty it. An easy option? As you wait for the tank to fill up at the gas station, throw out your trash. Don’t forget to keep the bag or replace it immediately if it has gotten soiled.

Use Protection

Place rubber car mats over your existing ones to help protect your floors. You can even invest in disposable ones during harsh weather when you know your shoes will be particularly dirty.

You can also find cupholder inserts. This way, if a drink leaks or the cupholder becomes sticky, you can remove the insert and wash it with soap and water.

Use Car Wipes

Car wipes are an amazing asset for a clean car. They come in a tube so they can easily be stashed under a seat or in the glovebox. As you notice dust start to accumulate on the dash, simply give it a quick wipe. Not only does it remove dust, but will give your car a shiny gleam again.

Repel A Future Mess

According to Forbes, keeping your car clean can help protect your investment and even generate a bigger sale in the future when you’re ready to trade it in.

Try to prevent a mess by treating your upholstery with a spray-on fabric protector. Use a clean terrycloth towel to apply a leather-restoring cream to leather seats.

Stay Stain Resistant

An article from CNN recommends having a white, non-gel toothpaste handy for stains in the car. If you get something on your upholstery, simply apply a small amount of toothpaste to the stain, rub gently, then wipe free with a damp, clean cloth. Keep a travel-size tube in the glove box so you’re always prepared.

Organize Your Space

Keep all of your important documents in an envelope or small folder. Use attachments to create pockets on the back of your seats for things you want to always keep handy in your car, such as toys and snacks for kids. Put a container in the trunk space for emergency necessities such as paper towels, a snow scraper, etc.

Be Kind to Your Vehicle

Perhaps sloppy joes and red juice aren’t a good choice for vehicle dining. Just finished a muddy football game? Put down towels in the seats. Keeping your car clean is a lot easier to clean it. So, take car of your car and save in the long run.