7 Fashion Tips for Looking Great This Spring Break

Before you know, it will be here! Spring break is on the way! Bet you’re looking forward to getting away from the lectures, books, exams and all those mind boggling things that have been stressing you out. Before you start packing, now is the time to think about your style. Will it be daring, colorful or downright sexy?

Once you know your style, you can start your shopping. Most likely, you will be lounging around at the beach and enjoying the exciting night life since that’s what spring breakers do. How about doing it as a fashionista by following these tips:

Best Bathing Suits for 2016

The place to be during Swim Week was Miami, and buyers, editors and designers joined in to see the latest for resort 2016.

Some of the past trends returned such as those sporty cut-away bikinis as well as the extreme cut-outs. This year’s bikini is not so itty-bitty, but, instead, is a more substantial cutaway. The key this year is to suit the active woman with flattering support for busts of all sizes. High necks provide the pop-out protection for the active woman as well. Brands including Mikoh, BCB Generation, Seafolly and Handsome are offering the sporty shape these splash-worthy designs. Check out these not so itty-bitty bikinis at In Style.

However, some fantastic new trends also appeared on the runway such as silhouettes off the shoulder and teeny-tiny ruffles. Hot one-piece suits were both steamy and seductive with sexy detailing of lace-ups on the sides or down the body. Another flirtatious and arousing design for 2016 is the basic one-piece minimalist maillot.

Take a look at the hottest trends for swimsuits from the Miami Resort 2016 Swim Week.

Tips and Trends from Ken Downing

Ken Downing, Director of Fashion for Niemen Marcus and fashion guru, introduced fashion trends for spring of 2016 in Bal Harbour.

Colors: Pink is the big color and Downing’s favorite for this year. The idea is to mix and match pale pink clothing with shocking pink shoes. Or you can switch the two wearing shocking pink clothing and pale pink shoes. All the shades of pink are dominating jewelry, clothing, accessories and even makeup Downing explained.

Even though pink is dominating this year, tranquil blues, bright yellow and beautiful limey green are still on the scene Downing noted. Designed for the relaxed lifestyle of Florida, neon green with a crisp white shirt also works well with this year’s trends.

Skinny Jeans: The fad is skinny jeans with one simple pleat and denim is worn on denim. By mixing the denim colors, you can make a fashion statement.

Culottes: If you, your mother or an aunt still have them from the 1960s and 70s, dig them out because they’re back in style.

Shoe Booty: The big trend for this year in shoes is the shoe booty. However, the ankle-strap pump is also trending. Sparklers such as the Christian Loubotin D’orsay pumps are also popular, and Sergio Rossi’s gold and black butterfly laser cut heel are irresistible.

Ten Things You’d Only Wear During Spring Break

1. Missoni Turban
2. Nauty Nautical Mesh Top
3. Fringed Crop Top
4. Monreal London Visor
5. Heart Shaped Sunglasses
6. Bright Yellow Crop Top
7. Silver Backpack
8. Joie Sandal
9. Sea Dress
10.Timex Waterproof Watch