6 Essential Packing Tips You Need to Know for Moving

It seems like the day to pack and move to another home comes too quickly. You don’t have everything in boxes, and you can’t seem to find someone who has a truck large enough to move your belongings from one location to another. If you follow a few simple packing tips before the moving day arrives, then you will have everything organized and ready to go well ahead of schedule.

Moving Boxes
Make sure you have plenty of boxes that are of various sizes. Larger boxes are ideal for blankets, stuffed animals and things that don’t really need to be folded just to get through the trip to the new home. Think about the things that need to be put in the boxes. Sometimes, recycled boxes are ideal, but if you’re using them for dishes and heavy objects, then invest in new boxes that have a stronger base.

Pack all of the items that you will need for the first night or two in the new home in a clear container. This will make them easy to find when you get everything moved. Items that you might need include towels, clothes, paper plates and cups and toiletries.

Instead of putting items in a box and sorting through everything once it’s in the home, label the box with the contents and where it will go in the house. When you unload everything from the truck, you can take the boxes to their designated rooms, making it easier to unpack everything the next day. This method will make getting everything in cabinets and in the proper location go as smoothly as possible, especially for children.

Dishes And Breakables
Don’t pack dishes and other flat breakable items flat in the box. Pack them in a vertical fashion as this will help to prevent them from breaking. When they are flat in the box, it’s a little easier to jostle them or break them if heavy boxes placed on top.

Don’t bother taking the items from your drawers. Take each drawer out of the dresser or cabinet, and wrap the entire drawer in plastic. This will help to keep everything in one place and make it easier to put the drawers back together once the dressers are in the home.

Before Movers Arrive
Make sure you have everything at the front door before your help arrives. It’ll be easier to get everything out the door instead of walking through the entire home to find items that are left behind. Do a final sweep of the home to make sure nothing is left before locking the door.