5 Tips for Walking in to the Gym After an Extended Break

Entering the gym after a long hiatus can be daunting, especially if you used to be a regular in the past. Sometimes, it’s a lack of commitment that makes someone take a long break from the gym. It could be an injury that forced you to take some time off the gym. Other times, life just gets in the way. When you get back to the work-out mindset though, be careful. Some people rush to do the same routines at the same intensity right after a prolonged time away from the gym. Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea. When you take a break from working out as a regular, (your endurance takes a big hit), resulting in less-than-stellar results at the cost of pain and soreness, and sometimes even debilitating injuries. Instead of such a risky approach, here are 5 tips you should try if you’re going to start going to the gym after a long break.

1. Take a one month challenge

The best way to get back into the groove is by taking on a short one-month challenge to give yourself a goal to work towards. By breaking your goal into a smaller time frame, it can feel less overwhelming when you’re trying to get back into the rhythm of working out regularly.

2. Train like a beginner

There’s no shame in starting slow. Keep your intensity low and slowly increase it as you go more regularly again. Do not start off with weights that are too heavy either, as it could lead to injury. Just remember that you’re just starting slow. Since you already have work-out knowledge, you’ll progress back into your (original state much quicker).

3. Find an exercise buddy

Finding someone to go to the gym with you will ensure that you don’t skip any sessions. When you’re working out yourself, it’s very easy to just stop going if you’re the only one watching your own progress. If you have a friend, work colleague, or family member to work out with you, it can provide motivation for you to stay on track.

4. You don’t have to work-out in the gym

The gym isn’t the only place that’s going to guarantee you a healthy and fit body. You can incorporate exercises outside of the gym in your daily routine so that you can stay in optimal shape. Pick up some sports or go jogging around your neighborhood to mix things up a little.

5. Go during quiet hours

Ease your way back into your fitness regime during the quieter hours of the day. Don’t let any urgent tasks or people get in your way during your time at the gym. First thing in the morning or late at night are great times to go to the gym to slowly work your way back into a ritual.

Whatever your reason, it’s not impossible to walk back into the gym after an extended break. Just remember that results don’t appear overnight, everyone has their own journey.