5 Surprising Uses Throughout Your Home for Cacti

The cactus is one of the most unique and enduring forms of plant life on the planet. Highly diverse in appearance and uniquely modified to live well in sparse, moisture-poor climates, cacti are now becoming more popular for indoor use as well.

In this post, learn five surprising ways you can use cacti throughout your home to good effect.

Cacti Help to Clean Your Indoor Air
Bringing green plants indoors can have a healthy and beneficial effect on your indoor air supply. Cacti, like all plant life, can help clean the air of toxins and improve the level of oxygen in the indoor air. Plus, cacti are very easy to take care of and require very little to survive and thrive.

Cacti Provide Visual Interest
Cacti literally seem to have no end in variety of appearance. They can be short, tall, round or narrow, flowering or spiky, small and large. Of course, you will want to ensure your cacti are placed out of range of pets and small children. This aside, cacti can add amazing visual interest and that perfect design touch to your interior decor, whether you add a single plant or several varietals grouped together.

Cacti are Tasty to Eat!
In many cultures today, cactus leaves, flowers and fruit are considered quite tasty! Tuna fruit, aka prickly pear cactus, is often sold in grocery stores as a delicacy. By growing your own cacti garden, you ensure organic cacti that is nutritious and wholesome for your family to eat.

Cacti Can Reduce Your Indoor Humidity
This can be especially useful if you live in a very humid climate. Because cacti obtain moisture in part through osmosis by absorbing it from the surrounding air, you can lower your home’s indoor humidity naturally with a few well-placed cactus plants in higher humidity areas in your home.

Cacti Can Create a Natural Fence for Protection
Whether you are worried about pets and small children getting out or predators getting in, very are brave enough to tangle with a spiky sharp cactus, especially when it is growing as a fence that surrounds your home property! Cacti are one of the most effective natural home defense barriers available today, and other than the occasional pruning, you won’t have any expensive fence maintenance chores to do.

By understanding how cacti can improve and beautify your home space, you can bring these unique plants into your living environment and enjoy their many benefits. As an extra bonus, the natural cactus population is dwindling with increasing urbanization of natural lands, so you will be helping keep this unique species healthy and alive for future generations to enjoy.