5 Surprising Benefits of Time Tracking

Time tracking was first introduced as a way to accurately track the time an employee worked to automate payroll. But today, time tracking is becoming increasingly sophisticated as a way to track much more than simply hours worked.

In this post, learn 5 surprising benefits of time tracking you probably didn’t know.

Benefit #1: Time tracking exposes how much of your work may not be actual work.
Time tracking experts promote time tracking as a way to identify how much work time is actually contributing to the bottom line of a project or objective.

For example, time spent checking social media feeds, taking coffee breaks, chatting with co-workers and other such activities would be flagged as non-essential activities, showing employees where they are coming up short in meeting productivity goals.

Benefit #2: Time tracking is very personalized.
Time tracking tools today are multiplying quickly. There are tools that sync between devices, app-based tools, internal company tools and even the traditional paper-and-pen tools such as day planners and to-do lists.

So each employee can find the time tracking method that works best and personalize it further for their goals.

Benefit #3: Time tracking provides insights for why projects fall behind schedule.
Time tracking permits managers and supervisors to identify who is working on what when and for how long as well as how close the team as a whole is to meeting certain time-sensitive objectives.

So this makes it possible to intervene before a project enters the critical overdue phase and work as a team to find the best solution. This functionality applies equally to time spent and funds spent.

Benefit #4: Time tracking helps employees advocate on their own behalf at review time.
Employees that keep accurate daily records of productivity using time tracking tools have a detailed log to present at annual reviews and at any time when advocating for a raise or a promotion.

Because today’s time tracking tools can also link time worked to revenue increases, this can be an especially powerful tool when competing for limited advancement opportunities.

Benefit #5: Time tracking can save the company money.
Time tracking tools offer a great way to both identify the most productive workers and also to weed out those that are more expensive than the value they deliver.

Used correctly, time tracking can make managing employees easier, freeing up valuable time to manage productive employees to deliver their best.

Because time tracking can become a full-time job in itself, it is important to understand the benefits it offers and use it towards those benefits rather than as an end in itself. With proper use, time tracking becomes a valued partner in goal achievement.