5 Reasons Having A Friend Shoot Your Wedding Will Fail

A first wedding between two people is something that happens just once. You want to preserve the memories of that day forever through photos and videos. It can be tempting to think about allowing a friend to do the photography work. Using a friend is a major mistake that you should avoid. Here are five reasons why having a friend shoot your wedding will fail.

Lack of Professional Photography Training

One of the main reasons using a friend to shoot your wedding will fail is that the person lacks professional photography training and experience. This means that the friend will not have the knowledge to utilize lighting correctly, frame people in the pictures or compose an interesting photograph. The result will be wedding photos and videos that look incredibly amateurish. This will take away from your enjoyment of them later.

No Experience Coordinating Shoots During a Wedding

A second reason a friend will fail is that the individual likely has no experience coordinating photo or video shoots during a wedding. A wedding is a hectic event that can involve many different moving parts. Your friend might end up getting lost in the crowd, being overwhelmed by the pace of events or missing special moments because of a lack of understanding about the schedule. With nearly 125,000 photographers working today, it is far better to just hire a professional for your once in a lifetime event.

Unprofessional or Substandard Equipment

Professional wedding photographers and videographers use high quality equipment that is expensive and often unknown to the public. A friend is not normally going to have this equipment or know how to use it. The result of using unprofessional or substandard equipment will be poor quality photos even if the lighting and composition are correct. There is no way to overcome this issue.

Personal Involvement Gets In the Way

The over 2.1 million marriages occurring annually all involve tight-knit groups of friends and family. A real issue that can come up is personal involvement in the ceremony or with the people there. A friend might become distracted attempting to get involved in certain events missing the chance to get great shots of the wedding. The friend might even stop taking pictures or video altogether in order to participate in what is going on at the venue.

The Relationship Could Be Strained or Damaged Afterwards

Something to consider is that your relationship with the friend could be strained or damaged after the wedding if the final photos are not what you want. Feelings of bitterness, resentment and even anger can form on both sides of the issue. This can potentially destroy the relationship forever. You really want to go with an objective professional wedding photographer in order to preserve any friendships that you have.