5 Problems an Awning will Solve

An awning is something that many people do not think about much. They are often seen as just a convenient covering that makes sitting in the yard more comfortable. Many homes do not even have an awning attached. There is actually much more to an awning than just that. Here are five problems an awning will solve on your property.

Eliminate Problems with Weather and Sunlight

Annually, homeowners spend more than $192 billion on discretionary home improvements. Over 20 percent of that was on exterior improvements. Adding an awning as part of those improvements solves the problem of dealing with bad weather. The awning allows you to go outside your home whether it is raining or snowing. The right awning will also block ultraviolet light so that you are not sunburned in the summer when sitting outside on a sunny day.

Protect Doors, Patios and the Foundation

Rain and snow can wreak havoc on the outside of your house throughout the year. Water can damage your doors and make them unattractive. Sun and rain can wear away decks and patios. Heavy rain could even damage the foundation of your home. Erecting an awning can prevent this. The awning is going to stop most of the elements from battering the area underneath. This can help to preserve your foundation, doors and patio or deck.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Something many people do not realize is that an awning can actually increase the energy efficiency of your home. The awning creates a barrier between the sun and your house. This stops the sun from heating up the inside of your house and raising the temperatures significantly. The temperature under the awning can be up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the rest of the area. This will reduce the amount of cooling that you need and the amount of energy you use in summer.

Block Falling or Flying Debris

The reality is that high winds can create a very dangerous situation for people on your property and the house itself. Flying debris could end up cracking your windows, damaging your doors or injuring people standing outside. An awning can block falling or flying debris. This includes things that might fall off the roof of a house or branches that come crashing to the ground. An awning can help to make your property much safer.

Shelter Outdoor Furniture and Appliances

Any homeowner who spends time outside in the yard likely has some type of outdoor furniture. You might even have appliances outside like barbecues, patio heaters or outdoor lights. Those items can degrade quickly when constantly exposed to the elements. An awning will shelter your outdoor furniture, appliances and decorative items from the weather. This can help them to last longer and stay attractive for years to come.