5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

The electrical wiring in your home is very important. It should always be installed, repaired or modified only by professionals. Some homeowners might not know how to pick the best electrician from the vast selection of contractors out there today. Here are five essential questions to ask before hiring an electrician.

How Long Have You Been Working Professionally?

Start by asking how long the electrician has been working professionally. Electrical work is very complicated and requires years to learn fully. You want to find an electrician who has been in business for at least three to five years. More experience is better. An added question should be whether the electrician has actually done the type of job you require in the past. This will ensure you get someone who can complete the job quickly and without problems.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Always ask if the electrician is licensed by the state and currently has valid insurance. There are 185 injuries for every 100,000 electricians annually making this a very hazardous line of work. If the electrician does not have insurance, then you could potentially be liable for injuries during the job. You also want someone who is licensed since that could also lead to liability problems and potentially fines if something goes wrong with the wiring.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

Some electricians you meet and talk to might not actually plan to do the job themselves. These electricians will use subcontractors instead. Ask the electrician who will be doing the work. If it is subcontractors, then ask about the experience of those individuals. Ask if the subcontractors are local and licensed. If you are not comfortable with the responses, then move on and look for another electrician.

Can You Give Me A Few References?

Ask the electrician for around two to three current references. These should be from clients who had work done within the last year or sooner. References can really help you to pick a contractor out of the more than 628,000 electricians working today. Contact the references to have a frank discussion about the professionalism, service and work quality of the electrician. Never hire a contractor who cannot provide you with good references.

Are There Any Guarantees or Warranties?

One final essential question is whether there are any guarantees or warranties on the work the electrician does. Warranties will vary depending on the contractor. The best warranties include parts and labor for anything that goes wrong with the electrical work within a certain period of time. Most warranties, however, will usually just cover parts or labor but not both. Be clear on the terms of any warranties or guarantees before making a decision about an electrician.