5 Essential Items You Need to Start Your Laundromat Business

If you enjoy working on your own and keeping an area clean, then a laundromat business might be something to think about opening. There are very few items that are needed to get the business started. Sometimes, you can find businesses that are closing or that are for sale, giving you a way to keep the essential items that you need with only a few modern updates.

Washing Machines
The number of washing machines that you will need will depend on how many customers you want in the store at one time. Not every washer will be used at one time, but you want to have enough on hand so that customers will have one to use when they enter the store. If you are in a small area of the city, then you might not need as many as you would if you were in a larger area that sees travelers or those who might not have access to laundry supplies at home. Make sure the washing machines use as little detergent as possible. This will save money for both the customer and yourself as the machines won’t use as much water to rinse the clothing.

After customers wash their clothes, they need a way to dry them. There are energy-efficient dryers that you can purchase that will decrease your electric bill. Larger dryers are a benefit so that customers can use one or two at a time instead of several, which can lead to an increase in the electric bill as well.

Coin Machines
When customers use a laundromat, they might not have all of the change that they need to wash and dry clothes. Keep enough change on hand for the machine so that you don’t have to go to the bank in the middle of the day to get quarters and other denominations of money.

You want to keep a supply of various detergents on hand as well as dryer sheets. You don’t have to use the name-brand items, but customers might enjoy using them more than they would the off-brand items as they often work better when washing clothes. Keep a supply of Clorox and other stain-removal items on hand as well, similar to what customers might have at home.

Tables and Carts
Most customers will want to fold their clothes while they are at the laundromat. Position enough tables near the washing machines and dryers so that customers can easily sort what they wash and fold their items before going home. Provide carts so that customers can easily get their clothing from the car into the building and back again.