5 Champagnes You Should Consider for Your Next Celebration

No matter the celebration, whether it’s as significant as an anniversary or as casual as surviving another week at the office, champagne makes the event more special and more fun. The only bubbly that can be called champagne comes from the Champagne region of France and it is bottled in the mėthode champenoise, which means that the wine stays in the same bottle from start to finish.

It can be expensive because it’s very labor-intensive to produce. However, many excellent and affordable champagnes are available that will enhance your celebration and preserve your wallet.

Champagne A. Margaine
‘Le Brut’ Cuvée Traditionnelle

This award-winning brut wine has been highly rated by critics and although the price has increased from last year, it is still affordable, and an excellent combination of 10 percent pinot noir and 90 percent chardonnay.. its crisp, dry flavor has citrus overtones and will be the perfect complement to your celebration. Prices vary but this traditional cuvee wine is usually between 30 and 50 dollars.

Pol Roger Brut Reserve
Made from pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay grapes, the consistency of this non-vintage wine ensures that you will get exactly the same excellent champagne every time you open a bottle. Aged for four years, this champagne has a medium body and fruity overtones as a result of the superior crus used in making it.

Reasonably priced at less than 40 dollars, this exceptional and affordable champagne will enliven your next celebration admirably. Since it is a non-vintage wine, you can be assured of the same quality champagne time after time.

Champagne Bernard Remy
Carte Blanche

This spicy champagne delights the nose with its citrus and honey aromas while the palate is very pleased with the minty overtones. Comprised of pinot noir, chardonnay, and meunier grapes, this beautifully golden, award-winning champagne has an intense flavor that is perfect with spicier, heartier foods. Affordably priced at less than 40 dollars, it adapts itself well to any celebration as well as to an intimate dinner.

Philipponnat Royale Reserve Brut

The product of many crus, this non-vintage sparkling wine is comprised of mostly pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier. Your nose will detect fresh bread, red fruits and citrusy aromas while your palate will appreciate blackberries, lime and red currants. Highly bubbly, this dry, delicate wine is perfect when enjoyed on its own or when served with food or appetizers. Usually priced below 60 dollars, this champagne will definitely lift your celebration to a higher level.

Jean Milan Carte Blanche
Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne

Comprised of chardonnay grapes, Blanc de Blanc has a creaminess that enhances its fruitiness. With a nutty, smoky start, this bubbly can hold its own with hearty foods or be enjoyed on its own. Usually priced at less than 60 dollars, it makes any occasion a celebration.