4 Style Trends to Look Out for This Upcoming Season

Fall 2017 is quickly approaching, and fashion designers have been unveiling their newest offerings for the upcoming season. Let’s take a look at 4 of the top style trends to look out for in the months ahead.

1. Tailored Suits and Coats

Old-Fashioned attire is ruling the runways right now. Smartly tailored suits are heading up the list of must-have fashion ensembles for this coming season.

Glen plaids and gingham are a related trend. Multiple designers at high-end fashion brands are incorporating woven checkered and plaid fabrics into their clothing collections. A new plaid suit would be a failsafe fashion choice this coming fall. A checkered or plaid coat would also be a good investment; if you pick up one new statement piece for fall this year, make it a fabulous overcoat with checkered or plaid details. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to check out collections from numerous high-end designer brands or more moderately priced department store labels to find stylish outerwear options.

2. Americana Accents

The American flag and Americana design elements are finding their way into various garments and accessories. Look for red, white and blue flag-inspired pieces including casual t-shirts, eye-catching long skirts, embroidered patches and jewelry designs.

3. Fancy Feathers and Faux Fur

Feathers, faux fur, fringe and other fancy details are everywhere. Feathers are especially ubiquitous. They’re being used as trims and edgings on dresses, sleeves, and jackets. They’re being made into boas and capes. They’re adorning headbands and hats. Many major luxury brands have jumped on this trend, and we expect to be seeing feathers on lots of famous faces at events and parties this coming season.

Stoles and wraps appear to be making a comeback in the eveningwear niche. It’s currently trendy to pair an embroidered floral evening dress with a faux fur stole or a glorious feathered wrap.

4. Patchwork Pieces

Bunches of designers are featuring patchwork-style clothing designs and embroidered pieces that look as if they have been hand-stitched. Fun, trendy patchwork fur designs in eye-catching colors will be of particular interest to the stylish set this coming season.

If you’re wondering what colors will be trendy this fall, think red, red and more red. Wondering which color suit or jacket to invest in? Pick a red one. Need a pretty new party frock? Skip the little black dress and go with a red design instead — preferably one that has pretty feathery details.

These are 4 of the top style trends we expect to be seeing for the fall 2017 season. Shop accordingly if it’s important to you to stay current with the latest fashion trends.