4 Essential Tools to Have for Your Fishing Adventure

As spring is soon approaching, many people will be getting out their fishing gear and heading to a nearby lake. Sure, there’s nothing better in this world than a fish fry, but if you want to catch the fish, you will need to have the right tools. A fishing pole and tackle box is just the start, you need to make sure you have these four items with you to ensure you walk away with the biggest catch.

1. Hand Net

There is no way anyone should head to a lake without a fishing net. The net will help you to ensure that when the big one comes nibbling at your pole, you will be able to reach down and grab him with ease. Not all fish are small enough to reel in on your pole; theĀ hand net is a vital piece of equipment.

2. Fishing Rod Holder

Whether your fishing on the dock of the bay or on a boat makes no difference; you need a fishing rod holder. These handy devices allow you to secure your poles so that you don’t have to hold them. Fish can detect even the smallest movements in your lines, and these rod holders will ensure your pole is still. There are different styles for the boat and land fishermen.

3. Scales and Measuring Devices

Any serious fisherman needs to have a scale and way to measure that big fish. This is especially helpful in areas that put limits on the size or weight of a fish. Any kind of contest will also need these to verify the winner, even if it is just among friends. Having a scale takes the guesswork out of who got the biggest catch of the day.

4. Tools To Cut The Line/Hooks

You may not think of fishing as a place to bring tools, but you will need some pliers, scissors or other devices to help with hooks and such. If you get a hook caught in a fish’s mouth, you will need something strong to remove it. If you hook into a catfish, you will be thankful for some long reach pliers to lend a hand. Some people carry fingernail clipper or a pocket knife to cut their fishing line. Adding a few tools to your tackle box will ensure you have everything you need.

If you want a fishing trip to remember, you need to have a good rod and reel too. Have a variety of bait in case the fish aren’t biting on one specific kind that day, as they tend to be a little picky. Springs almost here, so it’s time to get the gear together and start planning for a spectacular trip with family and friends.