3 Garage Sale Alternatives You Need to Consider

For most people, the garage sale is a widely accepted and acceptable way of getting rid of unwanted items and netting a bit of cash in the process. But garage sales can also be a lot of work and if you don’t plan it well and have good weather, you may still have a lot of left over merchandise to deal with after your sale.

In this post, learn about three garage sale alternatives that might be a better fit for offloading your unwanted items.

Alternative #1: Online Sales
The internet offers so many fabulous options for resale merchants. Whether you only want to sell once or you want to keep selling on an ongoing basis, it is easy to find a place to sell items online.

If you want to open your own store, you can do so on eBay. Craig’s List lets you create posts that target people in your geographic area. There are also many online resale and consignment stores, from the big ones like Goodwill to specialty shops such as Thred Up for children’s clothing. You can also create a blog that offers for sale items.

Alternative #2: Sell on Consignment
Many local thrift and consignment stores will sell your items and either offer you an up-front payment (in essence, buying your items from you and then reselling them) or split the proceeds with you. So, for example, if you have furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics or other items to sell, you can bring them to a local consignment-based shop.

Often it is easier to just seek out a consignment shop that offers you an upfront payment, because then you don’t have to remember to re-up the agreement or return to collect the items if your items don’t sell.

Alternative #3: Donate Your Items to a Favorite Charity
While you will not make any immediate cash if you choose this option, you can realize tax perks at tax time if you itemize your tax deductions. Plus you can feel good about helping out a local charity in lieu of having to part with actual cash to make a donation.

Many charities rely on the help of local donors who offer goods instead of cash. You can look on the charity’s website to see if they have created a wishlist of items or call to ask if any of your items are needed. Another alternative is to donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, each of which are nonprofit organizations themselves.

By knowing what your options are when you are ready to downsize your personal possessions, you can choose the option that best suits your personal preference, financial needs and available time.