3 Fun Summer Vacation Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

A family vacation is what summertime is all about. However, if you spend too much money on your summer trip, you may be paying for it the rest of the year. Alas, there is a way to have a spectacular holiday without breaking the bank. Here are three ways to have a great getaway and spend less.

1. Camping

The camping enthusiasts have grown by the droves thanks to the frugal costs associated. Forget 4-star hotels with prices that take a day’s salary. A tent can cost anywhere from $50-$300 depending on the style and size. It will more than pay for itself with just one use.Camping sites are about $10-$30 a night and are way more cost effective than a hotel. Food is free, if you catch it from a lake. If you camp next to a body of water, it will provide an endless opportunity to utilize the lake for swimming, fishing and other recreational activities.

2. Gulf Shores, Alabama

If you long for the ocean but can’t afford the prices in peak season, then head to the Gulf Shoes of Alabama. This area went through some tough times after a hurricane nearly wiped the area out. However, the state has put major money into restoring the beaches and they are as pristine and beautiful as before. While some people have started coming back to vacation here, you can still get great ocean front rooms for affordable prices. Flights are pretty reasonable, as well as gas prices if you want to drive.

3. Smokey Mountains

The Smokey Mountains seems to have something for everyone. On the North Carolina side, there is serenity and beautiful views. On the Tennessee side, there are cabins with hot tubs, a plethora of entertainment and too many hotels to count. If you have children that want to see and do it all; this is the place to be. There are amusement parks, dinner theaters and anything you could image to see and do. The area has plenty of parks and other attractions that are free too. With cabin rentals starting at $99 a night that sleeps four, it’s a getaway that’s memorable and affordable.

While visiting another state is exciting, there are also plenty of things to do in your home state too. You can explore the state parks, landmarks and historical sites. Places that are off the beaten path often have accommodations for an affordable price. Meals don’t always have to be at a gourmet eatery either. There’s nothing wrong with a picnic lunch in a park or by a lake. It’s the part about being together and making memories that counts. Pick a place that has plenty of photo opportunities and fun activities.